Update on 67 animals removed from Williamson Co. home

Update on animals taken from Marion, IL woman's home

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - It's been almost three weeks since the Williamson County animal control impounded 67 animals from a woman's home along Route 166.

Some of the

are: animal cruelty, aggravated animal cruelty and doing surgeries on animals without a license.

The Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation center is housing three of the animals that were removed from the Williamson County home.

“Two of them are native wildlife, the Virginia possum, and there is the bobcat," Bev Shofstall said. "And because I have my USDA license, that allows me to house the exotic cat, the African serval.”

Employees of the center say while the all three showed signs of being thin, the African serval's condition was the worst.

“We weighed her a week after she got here and she weighed in at just 14 pounds," Shofstall said. "She should be a 25 pound cat.”

While it is taking some time to get the serval's weight back up, Shofstall said she's starting to show more of a personality.

“The more in shape we get her, the more animated she's getting so we're wondering if some of her laid back attitude was more about being lethargic in the beginning," she said.

The bobcat and the opossum will be able to be released into the wild once the Center gets permission from the Illinois Department of Natural resources.

The Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, does have the right to hold onto the African serval and is currently looking for different options as well.

“We will start searching for an appropriate place to place it, we could potentially put it in one of the big cat rescues, if we can find something else in the meantime though, we will search," Shoftstall said. "We got plenty of time to work on that.”

Of the 67 animals that were impounded from the home, Williamson County officials say 51 have been either adopted or placed in various animal rescue shelters throughout the state.

There are currently 16 dogs at the Williamson County Animal Control.

The Williamson County woman has not been arrested and there are a few reports that need to be sent to the state's attorney's office to review which charges will be filed.

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