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Neighbors respond to wild weekend in Butler County


A weekend event at Brick's Off Road Park brought thousands to the country community outside Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

However, the party atmosphere ended up costing neighbors more than just their peace and quiet.

Houses scattered along the gravel road of County Road 484 in Butler County are how you imagine living in the country.

Few and far between nestled beside a normally seldom traveled road, but this past weekend painted a picture that was anything but serene.

"Traffic went on like this all night and then sirens were going off all night off and on. Ambulances and police officers," said homeowner Beverly Treat.

Those emergency crews were working to control the thousands who migrated to Brick's Off Road Park for the Truck's Gone Wild event.

Homeowners said that while every year this event is a problem this year it was especially bad with drivers leaving ruts from their vehicles and trash in their wake.

“Then they throw their trash out and my husband asked a few of them he said 'you don't treat your house like that and what if I came to your house and drove through your yard and left ruts.'”

It was three days of what neighbors describe as a lot of drinking, a traffic disaster and a constant nuisance.

So much so that,“if I didn't have to be here I wouldn't have been here," said homeowner Tammy Glasstetter. "It just gets too crazy."

Now the signs of the weekend have been picked up by those who call this place home.

While they say it's an aftermath they have to deal with every once in a while, it's tolerable to a point.

“I'm all for having fun, enjoying yourself, but to be responsible and to be respectful of people around you, that should go without saying," said Glasstetter.

Law enforcement say the owner of Brick's is within his rights because that's private property.

However, during a DUI checkpoint about 145 vehicles were stopped and more than 50 citations written.

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