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Small group looking to bring millennials to Paducah, KY

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - A group is working toward bringing more young professionals and entrepreneurs to Paducah, Ky.

Impact Paducah, which recently changed its name from "Young Professionals," is the leading group trying to get millennials to the area.

Brandi Harless, chairperson of Impact Paducah, said that the group was started when the mayor found a group of 20 motivated people to understand what the needs of young people were in their community.

"Last fall Mayor Kaler recruited about 60 young professionals to join her at three different lunches over the course of several months," Harless said. "Over the course of those lunches, she identified 20 people who were interested in going a little further than just talking about the issues."

The group hope is that millennials will bring a more young vibrant and professional life to the community.

Mayor Gayle Kaler said that she feel bringing millennials to the community is essential to the growth of Paducah.

"Communities across the country are looking for ways to bring young people back to keep their communities thriving," Kaler said. "I see millennials as entrepreneurs and they don't come back for a business that their dad has, they come back to start their own businesses. And by starting those businesses, slowly they will grow and they'll hire more people, which will bring more young people in return of that."

The mayor also said that she's hopeful that young entrepreneurs will take advantage of the entrepreneurship grant that the city offers as well.

The group isn't only focusing on entrepreneurs, but welcomes all business professionals, artist and any other young professionals, according to Harless.

Landee Bryant-Greene, owner of Bricolage Art Collective and member of Impact Paducah, was once one of the young people the town is looking for and said she is excited to be able to give help to those wanting to move to Paducah.

"I moved here a long time ago and I didn't know anybody and it took awhile feeling comfortable going to certain events," Bryant-Greene said. "So we talked about having mentorship programs, where new people who move to town can be partnered with someone whose really active and go to events with them and be more civically engaged."

The group plans to have future meeting to discuss building a website, social media accounts and their first step in the movement. To learn more about how to get involved with this group, contact Brandi Harless at

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