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Safety tips when it comes to fun in the sun

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It is getting hot and having proper protection is crucial.

On hot days like Thursday, one way to keep cool is at the pool, but staying out in the sun for just a few minutes each day without the proper protection could create more damage in the long run.

Making a splash when the temperatures are high is what makes kids enjoy the summer days.

“When it gets really hot you can just go swimming and just relax and stuff,” Jon Dreus said.

“And get tan,” Madison Villagrana said with excitement.

Aquatics Director, Patrick Watson said certain safety measures need to be taken before having too much fun in the sun.

“If there's an opportunity to be in the shade, be and stay in the shade,” Watson said. “Sunscreen 30 to 50 SPF at least; hydrate, soda doesn't count, coffee doesn't count, drink a lot of water.

When it comes to their children and the sun, parents are taking extra safety measures.

“We make sure we drink a lot of water and sunscreen and make sure it's a high SPF,” parent Chrissy Groff said. “They have fragile little skin at this time and they get burnt really easy.”

“I'm pretty pale, so you know it's like we have to take a little extra precaution,” parent Crystal Strand said. “SPF 50 is usually what I get, so yeah we gotta lather up pretty thick.”

Dermatologists say the more time you spend outside without the right protection on, those days add up, causing quite a bit of skin damage. It could be from peeling to third degree burns.

And kids say it's not worth it.

“Last thing you need is be a lobster at the end of the year and be in pain,” Madison Villagrana said.

Whether you're in the pool, lake or outside for a long period of time, dermatologists recommend reapplying sun block every hour.

Dermatologists say if the sunburn gets to the point of blistering, it could open up and cause infection if not properly taken care of. They recommend seeking medical attention.

With high temperatures such as these, it would take only about 15 minutes to get sunburned whether you're outside or enjoying some time at the pool.

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