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Gov. Rauner makes visit to Marion, IL

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Gov. Bruce Rauner spoke at the Black Diamond Harley Davidson store in Marion on Monday, to discuss the Turnaround Agenda of the state.

Gov. Rauner said there were five priorities that need to be addressed in order to increase jobs and grow the economy.

These priorities include lawsuit reform, municipal bankruptcy, a property tax freeze bucket, term limits and redistricting, and workers compensation.

They are priorities that have mixed reactions from workers who attended the forum.

"I do think we could all agree to those points getting done," insurance agency owner, Robert White said. "The man just got elected in November, and he took office in January - our economy has been ruined, our economy has already been in the ditch. He ran on the idea of trying to fix it."

"It's a big joke," Southern Illinois union rep, Jeremy Noelle said. "I mean he clearly wants to gut the middle class. He wants to bring in jobs at lower wages and people can't make it off of eight/nine bucks an hour."

According to, Illinois is the last in job growth among neighboring states where more than 94,000 Illinoisans moved out of state last year.

One issue that was brought up was the Hardin County work camp, a correctional facility that will be closing. About 180 inmates will be moved from that facility, and roughly 60 jobs will be impacted as well. 

"What we're going to do is get a balanced budget and live within our means and deal with the financial crisis," Gov. Rauner said. "We got to live within our means. And we're going to be looking at facilities thoughtfully, programs, departments. We're going to be cutting back where we can."

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