Zero Odor

Zero Odor
By: Amy Jacquin

Zero Odor doesn't just claim to cover-up smells... It claims to eliminate them.

Makers say it works through molecular science.
The directions say
Zero Odor bonds with odor molecules in an irreversible chemical reaction. This bonding creates new molecules -- non-odor molecules. And since there are no longer any odor molecules, there is no longer any odor.

Amy Jacquin gives it on her cat's litter box.


I left this litter box dirty just for this test, because anyone with cats knows how horrible a litter box can smell
," she explains.

A few squirts later, she bravely stick her head down close to the pan.


It's working
!" she laughs, shaking her head
It already smells better. I'm impressed

to the barn where multiple horses and a calf generate lots of manure.


Of course this gets carted out to the manure pile
," she says. "
But if Zero Odor works like promised, it'll even wipe this wheelbarrow odor away.

She sprays a half-dozen squirts of Zero Odor, and then leans over the barrow.


Wow! It's pretty good!
" she exclaims. "
I still can't believe I'm doing this, ha! For the second time today, I'm impressed!


third test is a pail of dirty diapers
, and she
the ladies at Trinity Lutheran Daycare to help with this one


s bad
," they laugh. "
When can we test this?

They press the trigger only twice, wait a few seconds, and then stick their head over the opening of the pail.


I don't smell anything," one woman says. "The pail does not smell. I mean it's
. Wow!"

Another leans over and simply says, "wow."

Directions say, on deeply embedded smells, you may have to spray it again. But once works well on this diaper pail.


used to own my own daycare and I tried everything
," she says. "
stuff is awesome!"


final test is intentionally burned popcorn.


n the smell-o-meter scale of one to ten,
how bad is it?" Amy asks a co-worker, Cheryl Dietrich.


Burnt popcorn is bad
," Cheryl says. "Really bad. A nine."

We spray inside the bag, knowing nobody is going to eat this
, a
s well as around the room. Zero Odor leaves a light, clean scent at first to let you know it's working. But within seconds, even that disappears.


You can tell by my hand it's already starting to diss
ipate," says Cheryl.


We got two spray bottles and another pump spray bottle for $20
," Amy shares.


Oh, wow
!" she exclaims. "I have a
, and
I want a vat of it!
This is great!"

Zero Odor definitely earns an A.


ou won't find Zero Odor in stores... You have to order it online or o
the phone. The number to call is 800-526-2967. Or go