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KY prison K-9 aids in rescue of missing woman

TRIGG COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - A western Kentucky K-9 unit trained to track and find escaped convicts, aided in a search to find a missing Trigg County woman and helped to save her life.

Trigg County police asked the Kentucky Department of Corrections K-9 Unit at the western Kentucky Correctional Complex to help in a search for a woman reported missing one week ago.

"They had been called there on a wellness check and the woman hadn't been seen in about an hour and a half," Lieutenant Jon Tangerose with the Western Kentucky Correctional Complex said.

The bloodhound breed K-9 that aided in the search for the missing woman is named Dixie.

Her partners are Lt. Jon Tangerose and Sgt. Donnie Konias. The three officers train twice a week in search.

"It's a great weight of responsibility that you kind of… That lands on you at one moment," Tangerose said. "But as soon as I told her to 'hunt 'em up,' which is our basic command, all that kind of just, it kind of just melts away."

Dixie is trained to search for people using as little as an article of clothing. Dixie can find scents for up to three miles.

When the correctional officers arrived at the last location the woman had been reported missing, it took Dixie just 10 minutes to locate the woman.

The missing woman was nearly 300 yards away and was found unresponsive in water.

The woman has since been taken to a Nashville, Tenn. hospital and is in stable condition.

"It's humbling, but like I said time and time again, I give all the credit to the dog," Tangerose said. "The dog's the one that really saved the life."

Officers say the woman would likely be dead if it had taken any longer to find her.

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