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Staying cool: How to maintain your AC


It's been relatively cool so far this spring, but rest assured, now that we've entered June, the heat and humidity are coming.

That means air conditioners will be kicking into gear. While simple things, like changing the air filter, and cleaning the vents can be done by homeowners, almost all of the components of the air conditioner should only be repaired or replaced by a service professional, according to Aire Serv.

"The refrigerant circuit is under high pressure and should only be accessed by a service professional," said Kevin Bracht of Aire Serv. "An untrained person trying to repair HVAC components is at risk of causing personal injury or even death because of not following proper procedures recommended by the manufacturer or trade practices."

Another problem you may run into is the lines of the air conditioner freezing.

The most common causes of that are dirty filters or dirty evaporator coils. The system could also be low on refrigerant due to a leak.

To keep your AC humming along, change its filters on a regular basis, keep combustible materials and debris away from the indoor unit and keep high grass, hedges, and fencing away from the outdoor unit to ensure proper air flow.

Also, warns Bracht, watch your pets, "Pet urine can degrade an outdoor unit and cause coil damage. Pets can chew on external wires too so make sure to protect the unit from pets."   

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