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Human remains detection dog needs help with surgery


A dog that goes on rescue missions is now in need of some rescuing.

You might remember a deadly fire in Alto Pass earlier this year.

The aftermath was so bad crews had trouble locating the man's body, without putting themselves in danger.

A human remains detection dog was able to uncover the remains and bring closure to family and friends.

As it turns out, that dog now needs help.

Addie is a 5-year-old Border Collie with a lot of spunk.

She's been on six rescue missions in Illinois and Tennessee.

But a recent accident has forced her to stay put. Now, she and her owner need help so that she can get back to helping others.

"She's my dog," said Bridget Jackson, Addie's owner. "She's my pet. She is my family and best friend and my partner.” 

Addie and her owner have what you would call a great working relationship.

Jackson calls out a command.

Addie listens, happily.

"She wants to go to work, she wants to get out and play and she can't do any of those things right now,” said Jackson.

An ACL injury has forced Addie to stay down until she gets surgery on her leg.

For three years Addie has worked as a human remains detection dog.

She does what emergency responders sometimes can't.

"Most of the time, we can't detect and there is no type of technology out there that can do what she does,” she said.

Back in February, Addie and Bridget were called to a deadly fire in Alto Pass, Illinois.

After 12 hours, firefighters exhausted their efforts trying to find the body of a man in the unstable conditions.

"We pull up and you can just see the exhaustion on the firefighter's faces and the hope that we can help them,” said Jackson.

So, Addie and Bridget got to work

"We did a preliminary safety sweep, we deployed Addie and she found the man in about 15 minutes. It was amazing and probably the proudest moment of my life,” she said.

Because the work Addie and Bridget do is all volunteer, paying for the surgery will come out of Bridget's pocket.

It's an expense she is willing to take on, but hopefully with some help.

"It is really hard. It is hard on her. It is hard for me to see her, not only in pain but she is a very very active dog, she needs that,” said Jackson.

Every member of the Little Egypt Search and Rescue Team is a volunteer. 

If you would like to help Bridgett and Addie raise the $4000 they need for this surgery, click here:

There is also an account set up at the First State Community Bank in Cape Girardeau. The account name is 'Surgery for Addie.'

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