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Cape Girardeau police try new 'evening roll call'

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Cape Girardeau Police Department is trying something new.

In an effort to get more involved with the community, officers plan to visit a different neighborhood each week and meet with residents.

Some are already calling it a great idea.

Cape Girardeau police are calling it an 'evening roll call."

They want people to come visit with them with concerns they might have or tips or to simply just say, "hello."

"For them to get out and just try to get to know everybody, I think that is a great idea,” said Brandon Hughes of Cape Girardeau.

Hughes and his family are excited about the chance to talk to Cape Girardeau police officers who work in their neck of the woods.

"I think people have a mixed viewpoint sometimes on the police officers with things going on in the world but they have a tough job and they are trying help the community,” he said.

Once a week, the department will pick a different neighborhood where they will meet and interact with the folks.

Chief Wes Blair said it's a plus for both sides of the force.

"It is like with any friendship or relationship you have with someone. The more you know the person the more comfortable you are telling them things and the more comfortable you are calling them when there is an issue. And that is what we want to establish with all of our community,” said Chief Blair.

Already, some people plan to bring up concerns.

"Since the Casino came in the traffic through here is terrible," said Wanda Bailey of Cape Girardeau.

Cape Girardeau has been home to Bailey for 13 years.

But the increased traffic is new to her.

"They drive exceedingly fast sometimes. Motorcycles come down through here," she said.

She said one of those cars even hit her parked car.

Bailey hopes to share with that concern with officers concern during the first "evening roll call.”

"I'm telling you, they must be doing 80 or 90 MPH," said Bailey.

Thursday's inaugural evening roll call meeting was well received, though the crowd was few.

Officers parked along fourth and main streets to talk about their evening patrols in front of a small crowd.

But those within the crowd had a few questions and said in this setting felt comfortable bringing those concerns to officers.

"This is the first time and I think it's exciting," said Sheila Long. "And I think with everything that's going on in the news, all the negativity, I think it's a great thing that they're doing now. And the communication that they have now between the police and community. That open dialogue I think it awesome."

Chief Blair said they'll post the locations and times on the department's Facebook page.

Next week, officers will be out at Themis and Sunset.Download the KFVS News app: iPhone | Android

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