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Everyday Hero: Laura Law


Sometimes the best way to enact change is to lead by example.

Laura Law does that every day by passing on her positive light that comes from within and above.

Mom, mother, madre.

No matter how you say it the qualities that define mothers are the same across the globe.

Caring, kind, loving.

“Many of the international students have started calling me mom," Laura Law said with a smile on her face.

Laura Law has children of her own, but the calling to help others and be that parental figure has made her a second mom to international students at Southeast Missouri State University.

“Mrs. Laura you are compensating me for my mom and that pretty much says it all. I mean when my children are away I certainly hope someone is there to mother them if they need it or to just be a friend," Law said.

She lights up talking about the students that have only added to her brood and the impact they've had on her life.

It's one of many ways she quietly makes a difference in the community around her.

“It's just about doing what I can do whenever I can do it," said Law.

She manages to do a lot.

She helps at the weekly community dinner hosted by her church.

 She uses her knack for knitting to connect with youth and the elderly.

And the results are seen during cold days when these hand crafted hats adorn heads all around town.

“And that's all I would ask of anybody who either I help or who we help as a church," Law said. "These students will ask me what can I do for you and I just say pay it forward some day.”

Laura credits her parents for this way of thinking.

“My mom was a guidance counselor, but I heard her often on the phone after hours with some of the kids she worked with and we often had them in our home overnight when there were issues in their home situations and I think I learned at an early age that it's not about our comfort or convenience, it's about what other people need and what we have to offer," said Law.

And that's when you find Laura.

There every day for anyone who asks.

"And I want people to know if you need something, call me. If I can do it, I'll be there.”

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