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MO Gov. Jay Nixon grants 5 pardons

Gov. Nixon (Source: KFVS) Gov. Nixon (Source: KFVS)
JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KFVS) - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has granted pardons to three men and two women convicted of non-violent offenses.

According to the governor's office, all have completed their sentence and have become law-abiding citizens.

The governor has commuted the sentence of Jeffrey Mizanskey to make him eligible for parole consideration. In 1996, Mizanskey was sentenced as a persistent drug offender to life without the possibility of parole.

“In the case of the commutation, my action provides Jeff Mizanskey with the opportunity to demonstrate that he deserves parole,” Gov. Nixon said.

“The executive power to grant clemency is one I take with a great deal of consideration and seriousness,” Gov. Nixon said. “In each of the cases where I have granted a pardon, the individual has demonstrated the ability and willingness to turn his or her life around and become a contributing member of society.”

Those granted pardons include:

A substance abuse counselor who in 1979, was convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession in St. Louis County, and paid a $100 fine.

A former loan officer who was given a suspended execution of sentence in St. Francois County after being convicted of misdemeanor stealing for taking two deposits from her employer. The woman who now lives in Tennessee returned the amount she stole and successfully completed a two-year term of probation.

A school bus driver for nearly three decades who was convicted of misdemeanor non-support in Douglas County and spent less than two weeks in the county jail before completing his probation.

A woman who in 1970 was convicted in Cape Girardeau County of misdemeanor stealing of items valued at $1.46 from a store. She paid a $45 fine.

A carpenter and truck driver who in 1961, he and two others, broke into a grocery store in Mercer County and stole several items. He was convicted on misdemeanor burglary and larceny charges and received a three-year term of probation, which he successfully completed.

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