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Twin Rivers School District makes plans for needed repairs


As the school year wraps up, many districts are already looking to next year. For Twin Rivers School District, that means some major building repairs. 

Those needs outweigh the school board's decision to give teachers a raise.

The superintendent at Twin Rivers says ever since the bond issue failed back in 2012, there's been a growing list of repairs. And now, they're trying to figure out which of them to tackle first.

“We had water coming down the walls at times and the kids were easily distracted because their papers would get wet and we had to place buckets in classrooms,” Teacher Paula Hefner said.

Hefner says leaky roofs make for distracted students, a problem here at Fisk Elementary. While some were fixed, there's still a lot to go.

“We have children from kindergarten to fourth-grade in those buildings that need that extra attention,” Hefner said.

Superintendent Jeremy Siebert says that's top on the list of repairs, not only at Fisk but also at the other campuses.

“We have buildings in three different towns that were mainly built in the 1960s or older,” Siebert said.

Siebert says the roof project will cost about $500,000, but that's far from all that needs done.

“Our heating and cooling in most of our buildings is some of the original units or some of the second round units that are starting to get old now so that's going to be our first priority and probably the roofing will be our next priority,” Siebert said.

That's a problem teachers say also hinders student learning.

“It's hard to concentrate if you're too hot or too cold,” Hefner said.

Siebert says a committee is working to prioritize and budget the projects. With these upcoming costs, the board decided not to give teachers additional raises next school year.

“We didn't freeze salaries, I want to make sure that's clear, everybody will get their steps and everything, it's just that we didn't make any changes to our salary schedule,” Siebert said.

Last year, the district added a two percent raise to salaries. With this being Siebert's first year on the job, he says his tops goal was repairing the budget, as well as the buildings.

“We did deficit spend by so much last year, some amount last year, so I wanted to make sure we got in the black this year,” Siebert said.

If the bond issue would have passed three years ago, a district would have built a new building in Broseley. 

Superintendent Siebert says there are no plans for another bond issue at this time.

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