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IL press conference discusses choosing revenue to avoid cuts


Workers at mental health and childcare services in Southern Illinois say their agencies could suffer if Governor Bruce Rauner's budget's approved.
A press conference was held on Wednesday morning at Centerstone, a mental health clinic in Carbondale. 

The press conference discussed how more cuts to mental health services and childcare services would be a hard hit for agencies in the southern Illinois area.

According to the Fiscal Policy Center, Illinois is over $6 billion short of what it needs to fund schools, health care, and other services in the coming fiscal year, due to a 25 percent cut in income tax rates.

"There's more than enough choices to fill that $6 billion gap," Neal Waltmire with the Responsible Budget Coalition said. "When we look at other states and how they provide services, you have to have the revenue to pay for it, and our sales tax system is terribly out of date."

Waltmire said by raising income taxes a little bit will help avoid deep cuts to these agencies.

Robin Moore with Robin's Nest Child Care Center said she's already having to turn children away.

"We're opening another school aged program for 60 more children," Moore said. "We are full and we're turning children away. So we actually invested in another piece of property so we could expand our school age program, by them doing this, it would cut that program in half."

Members said one of the best ways to avoid cuts by choosing revenue, such as modernizing the sales tax, and closing corporate loopholes.

"It doesn't make sense that we would cut off funding for childcare services, because it's asking parents to make this terrible possible choice, which is to choose to work or to choose to take care of their kids," Waltmire said.

For more information about the cuts, click here.

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