Does It Work: Bacon Wave

Does It Work: Bacon Wave

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Chances are you like bacon, but hate all the grease that comes along with it.

The Bacon Wave microwaveable bacon cooker claims to cook perfectly crispy bacon every time with less of a greasy mess of the frying pan, but does it work?

We enlisted bacon lover Zac Caldwell of Cape Girardeau to help us put the Bacon Wave to the test.

The directions suggest starting out with four to five pieces of bacon to test. Caldwell put five slices of bacon in place in between the prongs of the Bacon Wave and skewered each piece on both sides according to the directions.

Caldwell was a little frustrated at how long it took to weave the pieces of bacon into the Bacon Wave and skewer it. The product commercial shows bacon sliding quickly and easily between the prongs, but our bacon drooped. Caldwell had to lift each piece to skewer the center of the meat to keep them standing upright.

Caldwell put the bacon in the microwave for the time suggested for his microwave's power level. After the suggested four minutes and 20 seconds, the bacon didn't seem completely cooked. Caldwell added another minute to the time and that seemed to do the trick.

After a successful test run, we decided to test the Bacon Wave's limits and filled all 14 slots with bacon. The process naturally took longer than with fewer pieces. Caldwell estimated it took him at least five minutes to get all 14 pieces in place.

Again, we set the time on the microwave to the suggested time. After nine minutes the bacon still seemed very raw. Caldwell added an a additional two minutes to the cook time, but that didn't cook it enough. A total cook time of 15 minutes in the microwave on high cooked those 14 pieces of bacon.

The Bacon Wave claims to give you frying pan taste without the frying pan. To test this claim, Caldwell fried up a pan of bacon to compare Bacon-Waved bacon to frying pan bacon.

“It's actually pretty good,” Caldwell said. “The more I eat it the more I like it. I was really skeptical, but now after eating the bacon, I think it did really good.”

Caldwell gives the Bacon Wave four stars on this Does It Work test.

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