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Murphysboro gas stations interested in having slot machines

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - Having slot machines is what one Murphysboro, Illinois gas station is trying to do.

In order for gas stations to have these slot machines, the Illinois law states a place must request for a class A liquor license, one that would allow gas stations to pour and serve alcohol.

“We started to get requests from gas stations for class A liquor license which mean they would be pouring beverage alcohol on the premises,” Murphysboro Mayor, Will Stephens said. “And there were some people who came to the city council meeting who said they didn't feel that that was right.”

Stephens said a recent ordinance was amended last week, stating the city wasn't going to allow people who sell motor fuel to have a liquor license where they can pour it and it be consumed on the premise.

“We don't think that you should be able to go get ten gallons of unleaded, walk in and have three beers and play the video poker machines and then get back in your car and drive away,” Stephens said

But the Hucks store on Walnut St. in Murphysboro had already been approved for a liquor license to have the slot machines, before the ordinance was changed.

“I signed that liquor license,” Stephens said. “Because there was nothing in the code that allowed me not to do it.”

One Hucks employee said the business already has a space where the slot machines will go; machines that have residents on both sides of the fence.

“I think it's a little ridiculous actually,” resident, Amanda Schemonia said. “I'm not sure who exactly would, I don't know, sit and play anything in a gas station.”

“That's where everybody hangs out, at the gas station,” resident, Chimari Jones said. “So I believe it would be a good idea, it would give them something to do.”

The Hucks employee said the gas station wanted to do this to bring in more revenue for its business.

Mayor Stephens stated even if the Hucks store has already gotten their approval from the state, next year whenever their liquor license comes up for renewal, it won't be renewed because it'll be incompatible with the city ordinance.

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