Supa Sweepa

Supa Sweepa
By: Amy Jacquin

The Sweepa is a rubber broom that's supposed to work on any surface, wet or dry. It's said to work miracles on carpet, floors, even windows. But does it? And is it worth 20 bucks?
The makers of the Sweepa claim its rubber bristles use electrostatic action to grab hair and dirt on carpeting, hard flooring, even windows, wet or dry. Nadia Alford is a professional. She works for 'The Cleaning Lady' in Cape Girardeau, and agreed to put the Sweepa to the test.
We start with the living room carpet, dotted with dog hair. "On carpet, it doesn't seem to be picking up at all," Nadia was quick to point out. You can see it pushing the hair around, but the Sweepa doesn't pick much hair up. Quite often, the Sweepa skims right over the tuft of hair.
"I can't imagine doing this all day," Nadia says. "The vacuum is much better." A quick check of the bristles proves there's no electrostatic action working here! "It didn't hardly pick up anything right here," Nadia adds. "It only got a little bit of hair."
From the living room to the kitchen. How will the Sweepa work on tile? A few passes, and you can immediately see more action. "But it's not really getting into the grout," declares Nadia. "You're better off using a regular broom. You have to actually push the Sweepa harder to get it out. It's not that Supa!"
But we believe it would work quite well on a flatter surface, like linoleum, or maybe a garage floor. And that takes us outside to test the squeegee action. A bowl of water is no problem for the Sweepa. And it scrubs mud stains away.  "It's working a lot better than a mop or one of those small-handled squeegees," adds Nadia"
The Sweepa markets itself as being convenient for cars, so we tried it out on our windshield. But for this, Nadia says, a smaller squeegee would be more practical. "I don't think it's flexible enough to curve to the window."
Nadia sums it up by saying the Sweepa is worth $20 if you plan on using it on patios, garages, decks, or hard-to-reach windows. But she wouldn't waste the money for use inside. So we think the Sweepa is "Supa" enough to earn a C+.