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Carbondale splash park opening put on hold

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Some folks in Carbondale, Illinois were hoping to make a big splash this Memorial Day weekend, but with a hold on funding, water lovers could be coming up dry.

The Carbondale Super Splash park project was put on hold on March 11, due to a suspension in grant funds by request of the governor.

Executive Director for the Carbondale Park District, Kathy Renfro, said everyone who was working on this project is currently off the job.

Renfro said she's not sure if they'll hear anything until after 2016 fiscal budget passes on July 1.

"Optimistically we might be able to get back to work. But I just don't feel like we're going to get any answers from Springfield until that date, until this 2016 fiscal budget passes in Springfield," Renfro said.

One resident  said they delay of opening could hurt a lot of youth in the area.

“It's something that the community needs – these youth have nothing to do during the summer - it would've brought a lot of jobs to some of the high school students, so we need it in Carbondale," parent Unree Westley said.

The Carbondale District Board of Commissioners recently made a trip to the nation's capital, to talk about the Super splash park.

"We got invited to the Blue Mine Summit," Renfro said. "It was some powerful information about how water heals communities and I think that's certainly evident in Carbondale. And this pool project has brought us together as a region and as a community."

Kathy Renfro said although there is no word on when workers can finish the project, she said she is hopeful.

"I feel a bit remorseful for not being able to follow through on this promise on the date that we had hoped to open," Renfro said. "But the good news is the splash park is going to happen, if not this summer, then next summer."

Renfro said there is some hope that the pool could open a few weekends in September, if they can start in July. 

Renfro states it would take ten weeks to complete the project.

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