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Tour shows grim past of Herrin, IL

HERRIN, IL (KFVS) - A Williamson County, Illinois tour takes folks through Herrin, Illinois showing them historical markers relevant to the Herrin Massacre of the early 20th century.

Apart of the Southern Illinois Treasure Tours series, the "Two Wars of the 20's" tour takes people through Herrin, Illinois.

A relative of one of the gangsters involved in the Herrin Massacre took the tour Saturday, May 16.

“I've never gotten to take the tour of where it began in Williamson County and go all the way through one step at a time," Ruthie Shelton said. To be able to do be here and see the actual bullet holes in the buildings is something.”

Shelton has written a book chronicling tales told by her father.

Along the six and a half hour tour you'll see remnants of bullet holes in buildings that were struck during the events of the Herrin Massacre, where 23 people were killed in the 1920's.

Southern Illinois Treasure Tours offers several tours in the area. A full schedule can be viewed by clicking here.

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