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Growing trend of workers saying 'I quit'

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - New numbers show a growing trend of workers walking into their manager's office and saying, "I quit."

So, what's behind this new trend?

The term is called "job-hopping."

More and more employees are walking out on their jobs less than a year after getting hired to just be re-hired somewhere else with better pay.

In fact, nearly 2.8 million employees walked job-hopped in January alone according to new statistics.

Workers at the Talent Force in Cape Girardeau, an employee placement service, say the recent confidence employees feel comes from the improving economy.

But Connie Mahathath with Talent Force said employers are aware of the trend and have no problem spotting it on your resume.

She warns this strategy won't help you in the long-run.

"The may find that while the money is a little bit better the environment is not what they are looking for or they don't fit with the people that are there, fit with the team. A lot of times we see them come back in and they say, 'I should not have left, I should have listened to you and stayed where I was,'” she said.

Mahathath said she always encourages her clients to stay where they are if they are thinking of making a jump; and money shouldn't be the only factor employees should look at.

The benefits, the environment, the way you are treated are what she tells clients to think of first.

All regions of the country have experienced increased quitting over the past year; and hiring continues to pick up.

Last year was the best for American job growth since 1999.

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