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Madison County residents stuck at home due to high waters


High water is giving some people in Madison County cabin fever.

Flooded creeks and a busted bridge make the only roads out impassible.

The rain is gone and the water is finally going down, but not enough to drive most cars across Shetley Creek.

“Not unless I had a big truck,” resident Shirley Gorse-Koerner said.

Gorse-Koerner said normally County Road 313 is just is one of two roads out, but now the other way is even worse; it's flooded and the low-water bridge is busted out on County Road 320.

Gorse-Koerner said she and her neighbors are prepared for situations like this and they have air evac for emergencies, however for others it's more than an inconvenience.

“I can't really risk other people's mail to get over there to three or four people. I've got, you know, 300 people's mail in here,” Mail Carrier Carla Petty said.

Petty made it across on Tuesday.

“I wouldn't cross if it was much bigger than this,” Petty said.

However, she said, Monday it was a different story.

“I wound up having to re-route 26 miles,” Petty said.

So, until the water goes down more, many of these folks are just waiting and praying for no more rain.

“Just hanging out,” Gorse-Koerner said.

As for repairing the bridge that collapsed on CR 320, commissioners say they're working with the Department of Conservation and Corps of Engineers to replace it. 

There's a meeting next week to decide how and when it'll be repaired.

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