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Security level raises at U.S. military bases


The FBI director says there's a possibility of thousands of ISIS followers online in our country.

That announcement prompted to raise the security level at U.S., military bases.

It's now at “bravo” which means there is an "increased and more predictable threat of terrorism."

U.S. bases haven't been at this level since the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, according to that official.

Now you may ask what does the elevated threat mean to me?

Police and military officials say there is no specific threat but there are certain things they would like you to watch for.

“There's a lot of things you could do…be aware of your surroundings … be aware of what's going on and who's around you,” Williamson County Sheriff, Bennie Vick said.

With the security level being elevated to bravo at U.S.. military bases, officials at the Illinois National Guard Armory say although it sounds intimidating, that is not the case.

“There's no specific threat of a terror act,” Operations officer for the Illinois National Guard Armory in Marion, Casey Kline said. “There's no sign of a terror act, just a little higher state of alertness.”

It's an alertness that everyone should be aware of.

“If people are out of place, if you see someone just obviously shouldn't be there, you know that's a red flag,” Sheriff Vick said. “You know, you shouldn't take any action but if you get a license plate number, a description - call your local law enforcement or the FBI and let them know that you have seen something that may have been some type of terrorist activity.”

With law enforcement being first line of defense in situations like these, Sheriff Vick says it's a constant training process that's always getting updated.

“We train in the schools we train in the local businesses, active shooter training,” Sheriff Vick said. “We train with the teachers so they know what to expect. We change our philosophy on an annual basis sometimes more frequently because we have to adapt to what they're doing.”

Sheriff Vick says while folks should be more aware, it's something that shouldn't change the way we live.

“That's what they want to do, they want to disrupt our way of living,” Sheriff Vick said. “And if they can make a threat on social media and change the way we live and run our lives, then they've won…don't let them do that…live your life.”

Officials say be aware of your surroundings, and always have a plan in the back of your mind to take those basic safety precautions.

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