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Basketball coach promises 'change,' slam dunks it


For a good portion of his life, Terry Helm has built things that last.

A mason by trade, he's responsible for a lot of things in his hometown of Fredericktown. But Terry has a second home; an old, worn, slightly sweaty smelling gym in Cape Girardeau. He's building things there too.

At the end of his work day, Terry hops in his truck and makes the 50 mile trek to Cape Girardeau.

“I'm tired sometimes, but the longer I do it, the shorter the miles seem,” said Terry.

Fifty miles on two lane roads, four days a week, to the gym at Red Star Baptist Church. It's a routine he's kept for years even though, “Some people think I'm crazy,” he laughed.

In Red Star's well-worn gym, Terry coaches kids eight years old through high school. Some have never trained before, but most come to get better at basketball. And they do.

Trey Schreckenberg has been coming here for years.

“I can do things now that I couldn't do when I first came,” he said.

The name of Terry's club is TC Hoops. TC stands for “the change.” It's the name the club adopted four years ago when their coach abruptly quit, telling parents in a letter, “There's going to be a change.”

Terry is that change. At the time, he was just a parent with a kid in the club. The other parents asked Terry to take over as coach.

“He never loses his cool. He's so patient with the kids. And he gets them to do what he wants them to do,” remarked Allen Collier who has had two children in the club.

Four years after his daughter graduated from high school and left TC Hoops, Terry is still making the drive.

When you ask him why he does it when he isn't paid a dime, he gets choked up, points to a group of boys bouncing basketballs and says, “for this.”

Terry is a mason here too. Only instead of cinder blocks and mortar, he's using basketball and hard work to build good basketball players and good people.

Something permanent, like a cinder block wall.

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