Does It Work: WinCleaner

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The WinCleaner claims to make your PC run faster by cleaning off unwanted files and viruses with one click of the mouse, but does it work?

We put KFVS IT manager Charles Sanders to work to investigate the WinCleaner's abilities.

First, Sanders searched the internet for sketchy sites, clicking on random popup ads to infect the computer with adware. Sanders said adware and malware are the most likely causes of computer slowdowns for everyday users.

Once the computer was infected, Sanders plugged in the WinCleaner USB into his laptop's USB port. At first, nothing happened. He referred to the WinCleaner's instruction manual. The instructions offered a series of clicks to install the WinCleaner if the automatic installation does not work.

Once the WinCleaner was fully installed, Sanders ran the WinCleaners "One-Click" program. After several minutes a popup alerted us that the WinCleaner had detected and cleaned some 17-18,000 temporary internet files.

Sanders clicked to allow the WinCleaner to delete all the potentially damaging files it discovered.

Then, he restarted the computer to see if the WinCleaner lived up to its promises of faster start ups. The computer didn't seem to run faster. It took Sanders 2 minutes and 14 seconds to start up the computer after the WinCleaner's cleaning.

Sanders checked the temporary internet file and found that the WinCleaner had cleared it out, but it didn't remove any of the adware or malware infecting the computer.

"It didn't do anything that I could see noticeable to the machine after I purposely infected it," said Sanders. "These are the kind of real-world scenarios the user is going to run into, not temporary internet file scenarios, but having infections on your machine."

Sanders gives the WinCleaner one star on this Does It Work test.

Sanders suggests saving your money and downloading free anti-malware software instead. He suggests Malware Bytes as a trustworthy and free software that will really seek out and destroy infections on your computer and help your machine run faster.

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