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Milwaukee-based company buys former Maytag facility in Herrin, IL

HERRIN, IL (KFVS) - Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Phoenix Investors has purchased the former Maytag facility in Herrin, Illinois.

Herrin Mayor Steve Frattini said the buy could mean hundreds of new jobs in the area.

“It has brought a pretty high level of excitement to the community and to the region for that matter," Frattini said.

Frattini said the company has expressed plans to renovate the facility and later lease it to businesses.

The mayor said Phoenix will be aggressive in its search to for tenants.

“Making it more marketable and take a more active stance in seeking perspective tenants," Frattini said.

The facility was purchased for $1 million, according to a report by the Milwaukee Business Journal posted to the Phoenix website.

"For Herrin, it's a very positive step in a very good direction and I think that as a community and as an area we have a lot of good things to look forward to in the days ahead," Frattini said.

The more than 800,000 square foot facility sits in the 400 block of Lyeria Drive, just blocks from Herrin's downtown center.

For more than 40 years the facility was owned and operated by Maytag, a company that manufacture appliances and employed more than 800 people.

The facility is currently leased by Southern Illinois Healthcare, Aisin Manufacturing, and Ortho Tech, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal report.

When the company pulled out in 2006, all of those people lost their jobs.

Lifelong Herrin resident and former Herrin High School principal, Gary Hernbeck, said he watched the fall of Maytag.

“It was devastating for them. Some of them were old enough to go to retirement others were not," Hernbeck said. "And for people who were up in age a little bit but not retirement age it became a real issue for them.”

Hernbeck said this could be just what the city needs to grow.

“The chance for it to live again is certainly encouraging," Hernbeck said.

“Herrin's a great place to live. There's a lot of great people in this town. A lot of leaders and a lot of people who take a lot of pride in their community," Hernbeck said.  "And certainly… if this place gets back on its feet it will certainly increase all of that."

While the mayor said it's to early tell what businesses are specifically looking at the property, he did say he expects some sort of manufacturing company to show interest.

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