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Heartland students thank teachers on National Teacher Day


Teachers across the Heartland make a difference in kids' lives every day. On National Teacher Appreciation Day, we, along with students, thank them for what they do.

Students here at Nell Holcomb have nothing but good things to say about their teachers.

“They encourage you. They're always like ‘You can do this,' ‘Good job!'” said Nell Holcomb seventh grader Astonish Fann.

From younger kids, to the older ones and from all the little things teachers do, to the big things, these students agree, their teachers are some of the best.

“She was nice and let us eat food in class,” fifth grader Adam Orenstein said.

“They comfort me whenever I get mad or sad,” third grader Justice Clark said.

Teachers say they certainly don't do the job for the praise.

“I love the environment. I love the children. Seeing their face light up when they've learned something new is really specially,” teacher Kacie Brumbaugh said.

Brumbaugh has taught first grade at Nell Holcomb for three years. She got her inspiration from the same place a lot of us got ours.

“There was an elementary teacher that just inspired me and was my role model and here I am teaching first grade because of her,” Brumbaugh said.

It's that same inspiration that teachers of all ages are passing down to their students.

“A lot of times you'll get a picture or a letter with a note on it and you know why you're there,” art teacher Marion Weiss said.

Weiss has taught for more than 40 years.

“I love kids,” Weiss said.

On National Teacher Appreciation Day, it's obvious that these kids feel the same about their teachers and they have one thing to say.

“Thank you,” Fann said.

“Thank you for all their help and support they've gave me,” Clark said.

“Just thanks. And I wish I could have them over and over again,” Orenstein said.

After more than 40 years, Weiss said she's retiring from teaching.

She said she is thankful for the opportunity to teach 39 years at what she calls the best school.

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