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Oak Grove student enters competitive Rubik’s Cube circuit

Ethan Hudlow (Source:Poplar Bluff Public Schools) Ethan Hudlow (Source:Poplar Bluff Public Schools)

Fourth grade student Ethan Hudlow of Oak Grove solved a 2x2 Rubik's Cube in less than six seconds, placing 16th out of 40.

Contestants hailing as far as Brazil during a competitive cubing event on Saturday, April 25, in San Antonio, Texas.

The 10 year old also participated in the 4x4 and the standard cube contest at the World Cube Association-recognized event, which was billed Remember the Alamo. The most advanced category was to solve the algorithm with a blindfold on, after examining the random configuration of the cube for just 15 seconds.

Ethan's father Aaron Hudlow, the culinary arts teacher at the Technical Career Center, said that his son met a lot of like-minded people, and has been inspired to continue to improve his times. His schoolmates in Chris Innes' class threw a celebration for him last week upon his return to the elementary school.

Ethan first started mastering the Rubik's Cube in September, when his SINGS (Serving the Individual Needs of Gifted Students) teacher Patty Reed peaked his interest in the iconic puzzle.

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