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Carbondale hikes tow rate cap for private parking lots

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The Carbondale, Illinois City Council voted on April 28 to raise the cap on what tow companies can charge for non-consensual tows or when the owner of a private parking lot requests tow companies to remove vehicles from their lots.

Many businesses and apartments in Carbondale that have private parking lots have posted customer or resident only signs.

Owner of Larry's Towing Service, Donna Throgmorton, said that while prices for her company have gone up, what towing companies have been allowed to charge has stayed the same.

The new rate will be $75 per tow, up $10 from $65. The last time the tow rate cap increased in Carbondale was in 2005.

"I don't even think that keeps up with cost of living," Throgmorton said.

The state cap, regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission, on non-consensual towing is $212.

Throgmorton said non-consensual towing is only about 10 to 15 percent of her business.

Only private parking lots that have posted patron only signs can call towing companies to remove vehicles, Throgmorton said.

Additionally, the city council adopted to increase the cost for use of special equipment such as dollie or winches, now $30.

Outside storage after 24 hours will now cost $20, inside storage after 24 hours will cost $30, after hours releases will cost an additional $20, and an interrupted tow remains the same at $25.

West Frankfort is the only city in the immediate area that regulates towing prices while DuQuoin, Benton, Harrisburg, Mt. Vernon, Marion, Murphysboro, Anna, Herrin and Pinckneyville do not.

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