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Scott Co. landowner concerned about drainage ditch problems


A ditch in Scott County, Missouri has some people at odds.

The drainage ditch, which runs between several fields, is clogged up and the county drainage district wants to clear it out. However, some say they'd be misusing their land in the process.

Everyone agrees that drainage ditch does need to be cleared out, but what they don't agree on is how that's going to happen.

One landowner said if the plan stays the way it is, he would have a lot of his land simply taken away.

“It floods us out and, you know, I want it cleaned out,” landowner Terry Pemberton said.

Pemberton said that's the county's plan, but it comes with bigger issues.

“You work with your neighbors and you work with the people. You don't just take from him,” Pemberton said.

Pemberton said the county drainage district plans to clear out everything on his property within 75 feet on both sides of the ditch, which for him, is a total of about two acres.

“There's nobody down the ditch bank that is saying they can't clear it out, they just don't want every tree taken off the bank for 75 feet or their fences torn out and not put back,” Pemberton said.

KFVS News hasn't been able to get in touch with the drainage district president, but according to Pemberton, he and some of his neighbors are hoping to legally stop the district from carrying out the plan in this way.

“If they clean it out they will get the easement to go down it any time they want but there's a few of us that don't want them to have the easement to just run over us like they want to,” Pemberton said.

According to, the drainage district and the landowners entered a civil lawsuit last summer.

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