Glad ForceFlex Garbage Bags

Does it Work Wednesday

Glad ForceFlex Garbage Bags
By: Amy Jacquin

We all know how it feels to lift the garbage bag out of the can, only to have it rip and garbage spill out.

That may not happen if Glad's promises hold true when it comes to the new ForceFlex bags.

Force Flex claims to get its strength from the diamond texture, which stretches around objects without puncturing.

The Glad commercials show hangars and boxes and bowling balls being stuffed into the bag without a rip or snag in sight.

I substitute hard-covered books for boxes, but manage to dig-up some wire hangars and a bowling ball.

"These books weigh about two pounds each," Amy Jacquin explains. "I'm going to drop them into the bag on top of the hangars, to see how the bag holds up under sudden pressure with the sharp corners."

"Oh, I already see one rip," says Amy. "See this here?"

"I already have almost 10 pounds in the bag," Amy continues. "And finally I'm going to try this 16 pound bowling ball because I want to see just how much the bag will really handle without poking all the way through."

The Force Flex easily holds the bowling ball, and could probably handle a few more pounds. But Amy can't! So she stops right there.

Force Flex doesn't handle sharp objects nearly as well as it claims. But it is strong. Even 25 pounds doesn't cause the existing holes to rip any bigger.

So the $5 box of Glad ForceFlex garbage bags earns a B-.