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Police investigating fight, man with gun at Farmington skate park

(Source: Mollie Lair/KFVS) (Source: Mollie Lair/KFVS)
FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - A scuffle between two teens in Farmington ends after a man with a gun intervenes to break up the fight. 

A bystander caught the whole thing on camera. 

The clashing of wheels and concrete is a sound you expect to hear at a skate park.

But Tuesday this happened.

The Farmington Skate Park was instead filled with the screaming voices of two teenage girls attacking each other.

And then.

The man seen in this video breaks up the fight by pulling a gun.

Michael Byington visits the skate park several days a week and saw the whole confrontation in person.

He feels the man's reaction was extreme.

"It was overkill," Byington said.

When asked if he was scared Byington said, "it didn't really make it nervous as much as it did kind of make me mad. Like people bring their kids here."

There's no surveillance here at the skate park and police say when the incident happened no one called 9-1-1

Even though the police department is just feet away.

"He tried to push her away while he was standing over me and his knee went into my eye and blacked it and popped a blood vessel right there," said Skye Hall.

Skye Hall is one of the girls seen fighting in the video.

Her black eye isn't from the original scuffle, but rather a result of this man's actions.

Hall says she regrets the fight but thinks the man went too far by putting everyone's lives at risk.

"He pulled a gun out in public with kids around. I wasn't the only one in danger," Hall said.

Police say they are investigating the incident, but no one has been charged at this time.

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