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MO students could be required to have CPR training to graduate

PORTAGEVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Missouri High School students might have to complete one more assignment if they want their diplomas.

Missouri legislators are trying to tack on CPR training to the list of things every high school student must complete in order to graduate.

Some school leaders say this lifesaving course will stretch far beyond the classroom.

On top of math, high school students might soon be required to add Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training or CPR to their list of courses they need to complete.

"We do a lot of things at school curriculum driven because of state regulations but this to me is a real life benefit,” said Portageville High School Principal Jeff Bullock.

Some students say they wouldn't mind the extra workload.

"It is nice to know that if an emergency were to happen that I would be prepared to know what to do,” said Hannah Bullock, a high school senior.

The bill would go into effect during the 2016 school year.

Students would need to get 30 minutes of CPR training during their four years.

Some students with the training already call it a real life benefit.

"If I ever do reach that situation in which there is an emergency it would be awfully a helpless feeling to not know what to do and have to wait on an ambulance,” said Ethan Cooper, a high school senior.

Currently, 20 states have some version of a CPR law on the books.

Illinois lawmakers passed a similar bill back in 2014.

"Who can't benefit from CPR training, whether it is at here or at home or work,” said Jeff Bullock

The course wouldn't be enough to be CPR certified, but some school leaders say it is well worth a student's time.

The Missouri Senate's Education Committee reviewed it earlier this week.

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