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Man mistaken for game, shot by fellow turkey hunter

WAYNE COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A turkey hunter was shot and injured by another hunter in Wayne County on Tuesday.

Ken West with the Missouri Department of Conservation Southeast Region said his department is investigating the shooting.

James Clubb, 35, a Van Buren police officer was with a hunting party when they heard a turkey calling.

Before they could make the other hunter aware of their presence, the shooter shot what he thought was the turkey's head.

Clubb was wearing a hat with a red and orange emblem on the front.

He was hit in the head, neck, left arm, and left thigh with about 18 pellets from a shotgun.

Clubb is expected to be ok.

West said there have been no other shooting incident in the southeast Missouri region during this turkey season

But it's something that can easily happen again if hunters aren't careful.

Unlike deer season when hunters are covered in orange, turkey season is about blending in.

Most hunters instead wear head to toe camouflage to make it harder to spook turkeys.

It also makes it more difficult for hunters to see one another.

Brad Gooch has been hunting since he was nine years old and said sometimes long-time hunters get a little too comfortable.

"It's easy to get lax, especially on private ground where you think you're the only person there and you say I don't really have to worry about that sort of thing," said Gooch. "But we can all get lax on certain things and so it's good to refresh yourself and go over some safety things before you go out in the woods."

The Missouri Department of Conservation said it's important to make sure you're not wearing black, blue, red or white during turkey season.

Also, don't make turkey calls while you're walking around; and be sure to wrap up any bird you do kill in orange.

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