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Pregnant Poplar Bluff teacher hatches lesson plan on birth

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - A Poplar Bluff third grade teacher hatches a plan for a unique life lesson. 

It's a science project to literally hatch the coolest chick possible. 

Two chicks have hatched in Candace Hovis' third grade class at Lake Road Elementary School.

Students are learning what it takes to bring a bird to life from a teacher about to give birth herself.

Students couldn't wait to explain what they call an "eggcelent" learning experience. 

"This is one of the coolest projects we've ever done because you actually see how the whole entire process happens," said Josalyn Stoner. 

Students learn every detail of what's going on beneath the shell and how what starts as a tiny embryo eventually becomes a chicken or rooster. 

"They start as just a tiny dot," explained David Osborn. 

The eggs stay in an incubator that has to be kept at a certain temperature.

The University of Missouri extension office provided the materials they needed. The eggs have to be turned three times a day, so they even have a special way to do that automatically.

Meanwhile, there's another area where the chicks will go when they are born. 

"We are going to put some hay in there so that they are comfortable," said Osborn.

"They will look ugly when they come out but they will get feathers as they grow," explained Evan Christian. 

One of the students favorite parts of the lesson includes putting the egg under the light and actually seeing growth.  

"You can see some of the eggs have bacteria," explained Christian. "If you look the dark spot, though that's where the chick is." 

It's a lesson Hovis said stuck with her as a Poplar Bluff student at Oak Grove. She thought since she'll soon bring life into the world, this is the perfect time to try in her own classroom. 

"Of course we tell them people don't have eggs," Hovis laughed. "But we do explain there are a lot of similarities in the birth process. It's been really neat. We show them what's happening with the egg day by day and around day 21 they could hatch." 

"It always can vary, so we are hopeful they will actually hatch soon!" said Hovis. 

All of the eggs have names. They named them with a wide variety to show off their clever personalities and interest.

Names include Shelly, Eggbert, Lil Wing, Taylor Swift, Elvis and even Buddy. 

"I want to name my Hero because we are Hovis' Heroes for a math project," said Stoner. 

Shelly and Hero have hatched.

"I can't wait because if she's a girl she'll become a hen and if she's a boy she'll be a rooster," said Zanaye Muldrew. 

Students are aware some of the eggs may not make it, and they say they know that's just part of life when it comes to chickens.

They plan to keep the coop up at the school for continued lessons for years to come.

As for Hovis, her baby boy or girl is due in the fall. 

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