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Some parents choose tattoo parlors over malls to pierce kids' ears


Getting your ears pierced as a little girl is almost like a rite of passage.

Some parents even choose to have their little ones' ears done when they're babies.

But these days, some parents are finding themselves in a much different setting than your traditional mall kiosk.

Frannie Esses' five daughters all have their ear's pierced.

Even two-year-old Gianna.

Esses said she never thought twice about going to a tattoo parlor.

"I've always thought of the traditional, in the mall or the little shops,” she said.

But Heather Carmack said a growing number of parents are coming to see her to bejewel their kid's ears.

Carmack, who's had her license for seven years, said the shop's method of piercing with a one-time use needle instead of a gun is safer and cleaner.

"Unless they use a disposable gun and throw that away after each person, there is no way to sterilize that,” said Carmack.

Staff at The Different Drummer Tattoo Studio say they sterilizes all of their equipment, even the pre-packaged, pre-sterilized tools are run through a machine to prevent the spread of diseases like Hepatitis.

"A lot of times they just will wipe it with an alcohol wipe and that doesn't kill anything, where here, we use madacide, which kills everything,” said Carmack.

Even though Esses' said it will be years before her daughters get another piercing, she favors the idea of going to a tattoo shop.

"If it is safe enough to get a tattoo, it's probably safe enough to get any other piercings,” said Esses.

Each employee has a certified CPR and First Aid license in case someone passes out.

They also don't pierce infant ears.

If you're thinking of getting your child's ears pierced, Carmack recommends visiting a shop first before making any decision.

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