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Shoot or don't shoot? Could you be an officer?

Start of the day: In order to be a cop, you must dress like one


For a day, I walked in the shoes of a Cape Girardeau Police officer for their Citizens Police Experience.

Initially, I was not given a lot of information, but the second I got there I realized how hands-on these scenarios were going to be.

They strapped me in, they gave me a bullet proof vest, and handcuffs, pepper spray, and this was the real deal.

I was dressed and prepared to act like a cop for the day.

Scenario One: Someone is hiding a gun

Corporal Darin Hickey with the Cape Girardeau Police Department:

“In this scenario, one of the officers gets shot by a person he never saw or never thought was going to shoot him.”

Scenario Two: Protect your weapon

Allison: During the next scenario, I'm told to get this guy out from the middle of the road because he's blocking traffic.

All I wanted this guy to do was put the bag on the ground. I had repeated myself over and over again. He ignored me and it was getting extremely frustrating.

All of a sudden I feel him tugging at my gun and I'm thinking I have got to get back in control of this situation.

Corporal Darin Hickey:

“This little squabble, which is not even real, lasts just a few seconds. She is trying to get the gun away. That is one of the most physically and taxing that can happen to an officer. Nobody is really hurt but you think about what could have happened.”

Could you be a cop?

Allison: There were a number of other scenarios, from domestic disputes to arrests, each more challenging and frustrating than the last.

This experience opened my eyes to the dangers police officers face every time they walk into work.

It also showed me how quickly officers must make decisions and the pressures they're under to make the right ones.

So, to answer your question, could I be a cop?

My answer is respectfully, no.

Do you think you could be a police officer?

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