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Drug rehab center to open next to school in Murphysboro, IL

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - A drug and alcohol rehabilitation center will open next to a southern Illinois elementary school after the Murphysboro City Council voted to approve zoning in a Monday, April 27 meeting.

Sovereign Health Group has been given the go ahead by the city of Murphysboro to open it's drug and alcohol treatment center next to Carruthers Elementary School.

The decision to close the deal was put on hold after the city heard public comment against the deal.

Members of the Murphysboro community feared for the safety of students at the nearby school, Mayor Will Stephens said.

“And that was what the key issue was," Stephens said. "Because not only did we not want a child wondering on to their grounds, we didn't want one of their patients on to the school grounds.”

Stephens said the city reached a new deal with the health group that would require the edges of the center's property to be fenced off and for surveillance camera's to be installed.

The mayor said the facility will provide a much needed economic boost to the city because it will bring in up to 100 new jobs and a two to three million dollar payroll per year.

"Every community is looking for employment, that's what drives your tax base and we're looking forward to working with Sovereign Health," Stephens said.

Stephens said he believes the council has now made a decision that everyone in the community can be satisfied with.

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