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Website checks authenticity of different charities

(KFVS) - Lots of helpers and scammers have come out of the woodwork in the wake of the Nepal earthquake. 

According to records on Monday, at least four american citizens are among the 4,000 people killed in Nepal's weekend earthquake.

The United Nations is releasing $15 million in emergency funds and Humanitarian groups are ramping up operations to provide food, water, shelter and medical supplies.

You may be wondering what's the best way to help and how do you know your money is going to the right place?

In these first hours after a disaster relief organization, representatives say the best thing you can do is make a monetary donation to an organization with integrity. 

The Red Cross and UNICEF are two recommended organizations with trained personal and resources on the ground. 

"If someone says they are having an event to raise funds for disaster relief and they say they are giving it to a local American Red Cross chapter, you can always call the office to make sure we are partnering with the organization and the money is indeed coming to us for disaster relief," said Kate Struttman, Disaster Program Manager. "When you send your funds to a reputable organization we're going to make sure your supplies get to disaster relief. With an organization like ours, we're transparent." 

She also said they strongly recommend against self-deployment. 

"Going through organizations like the Red Cross ensures that the properly trained people go where they need to go so that there's not more chaos in that disaster location than the are is already dealing with," said Struttman. "Also donating money is better than sending items because our trained network can make sure that the needs for certain items are being met and indeed getting transported to where they need to go." 

Red Cross: 


Others include Americares: 

Direct Relief: 

Operation USA: 

United Way Worldwide has also set up a fund. You can click here for more information.

On Charity Navigator you can find quick listings of hundreds of sites including who's legit and who's not. You can even see how charities are ranked and financial records. 

If you want to know you're money is going where it needs to when it comes to disaster relief, there's a way you can check out the charity.

You can click here to try the Charity Navigator.

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