Cold Case - Fisk Homicide

Cold Case - Fisk Homicide
By: CJ Cassidy
Investigators call it an execution style murder.

Yet, for 15 years the killing of a retired farmer from Fisk has remained a mystery. Police say someone gunned down Tom Cunningham on his property, back on July 13th 1989. But investigators never figured out a motive.

In a small town like Fisk there are no strangers, and very little crime. In fact, the folks who live there don't get a lot of attention, and like to keep it that way.

But, there was one story that made headlines in this close knit community when it happened back in 1989 - the gruesome, execution style killing of 65 year old Cunningham.

"A family member came home in the late evening hours and found Mr. Cunningham had been shot in what looked like an apparent robbery burglary," Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs says.

Dobbs says investigators never did move too far away from the tool shed where Cunningham's body was found, and never had any real breaks in the case, until now.

"It was slated with many others to be reopened and reevaluated to see if there were other directions we could have gone if we hadn't got this tip," Dobbs says.

That tip revolves around three suspects.

"I'm optimistic about its possibilities," Dobbs says.

Close friends too, hope this is the end of a painful road for Tom Cunningham's family. "Having to visualize it was hard, and knowing him so well with someone coming up to him with a shotgun shooting him twice the way they did hard to accept how he died," Vic Adams says.

Adams spent most of his time duck hunting with Tom, and says he misses him to this day. "Most of the time you're there for hours and hours you talk a lot you're good friends have lunch together. I was with him a lot," Adams says.

"Jo (my wife) and I really hope someday they find this murderer," Adams says.

Adams says he and others in the area are grateful to the tipster, and hope they can finally get some answers.

Police haven't made any arrests in the case, but ask you to call them if you know anything that may help them solve the case.