Gag Order on Abuse Case

Gag Order on Abuse Case
By: Tony Hensley
It's a case getting national attention but, being played out in a Calloway County Courtroom. 42-year-old Charles Parrott stands accused of assaulting a student at the Murray Day Treatment Center, an assault caught on tape.
Investigators say the video clearly shows Parrott slamming a 13-year-old into a wall. But, what police call a cut and dried case takes a turn.
The felony charge that Charles Parrott faced on January 25th is now reduced to a 4th Degree Misdemeanor. Prosecuting Attorney David Harrington made that decision late Monday after review the boys medical records and that's not all, the judge made a few changes herself.
"I don't think any of us could have imagined the amount of media attention this case has received since we were here during the last court appearance." Judge Jeanne Carroll said. Attention sparked by this video tape.

After Kentucky State Police released it locally, images of Charles Parrott and the student played on TV's across the country. Parrott's Attorney Ricky Lanpkin tried to blame the attention on prosecutors and police.

Attorney Ricky Lanpkin says, "Mr. Harrington and Mr. Smith have convicted Mr. Parrott in the media."
Judge Carroll says, “I don't believe Smith or Harrington has done anything that you haven't done at this point in the media. I think you both have represented this case well in the media. It's become an atmosphere of a circus when the victim and his mother have been flown to New York and Parrott is receiving offers every where. It's just not the time they can have their 15 minutes of fame they just need to wait until after the trial. So, we are not going to get into the blame game."
With that said, Judge Jeanne Carroll made sure the media attention came to a screeching halt by placing a gag order on everyone involved. "I'm placing a gag order from this point forward. No witness, no parties, no victims or any potential witnesses are not allowed to discuss this matter with the media." Judge Carroll said.

A trial date has been set for March 10th. Both attorneys say the trial could last up to 3 days. A pre-trail hearing is set for March 1st just in case an agreement has been reach between the two parties. We will continue to follow this case as it develops on Heartland News.