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Man accused of assaulting officer in Poplar Bluff arrested

Travis O'Barr Travis O'Barr
Shekeena Liau Shekeena Liau

A young man who allegedly assaulted a Poplar Bluff corrections officer in an attempt to help his girlfriend escape custody has been taken into custody.

Travis O'Barr was taken into custody at 10:39 a.m. Thursday.

After only a month and a half on the job, corrections officer Michael Jones was faced with a situation many will never come across.

One of his inmates made a break for it following her arraignment hearing.

Jones was moving six inmates from the courthouse back to the jail around 10:30 on Tuesday morning.

They use an elevator and tunnel to move inmates back and forth.

Jones did a final headcount and noticed Shekeena Liau was missing.

She and her boyfriend Travis O'Barr made it down three flights of stairs before Jones caught up with them.

"[O'Barr] got in between me and her. Got him out of my way. Secured her and went to pick up some stuff we had dropped and he come up and tried to do a frontal choke," said Jones. "I pushed him away. By the time I was able to get a hold of everything he was out the door."

"There's a side of me that wishes I could have held on to that guy too, so he didn't get out," Jones added. "But I got her and that was my main goal, was to make sure she didn't get out."

Authorities also said O'Barr hit a courthouse employee's car as he fled the scene.

Liau was appearing in court on drug and forgery charges.

She has now also been charged with attempted escape.

Both she and O'Barr have a $50,000 cash only bond.

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