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Tamms care facility under investigation after stabbing

(Source: Holly Brantley/KFVS) (Source: Holly Brantley/KFVS)
(Source: Holly Brantley/KFVS) (Source: Holly Brantley/KFVS)
(Source: Holly Brantley/KFVS) (Source: Holly Brantley/KFVS)
(Source: Holly Brantley/KFVS) (Source: Holly Brantley/KFVS)
Jule K. Woods (Source: ISP) Jule K. Woods (Source: ISP)

It was a scary scene on Tuesday night at an assisted living facility in Tamms, Illinois.

Now, there's not one, but two investigations into what happened.

Illinois State Police are investigating the stabbing. The Illinois Department of Public Health is investigating whether the facility violated state law.

Through records from the state health department, we found out the facility was cited in 2014 for an incident where one resident injured another.

The Illinois Department of Public Health is investigating the facility to see if they violated state law.

The care center asked for a hearing to contest the violations the state leveled against the facility last year, according to IDPH. That hearing is set for Aug. 25.

The investigator will monitor what is happening at the home.

The department can send someone in to stay at the site and monitor residents.

The spokesperson wouldn't say that's happening right now because it's part of the ongoing investigation.

If it's found that the home violated state law, the home could face financial penalties and could lose its license.

When asked who owned the facility, we were directed to call state and federal authorities.

They say H & S is licensed for 26 beds. It is owned by a for-profit company called Tweedy Incorporated. The owners are Ricky Tweedy and Tiffany Short.

Managers of the facility had no comment.

Meanwhile, Tiffany Short said they are cooperating fully with the investigation and said they follow all regulations under state guidelines.

A shelter care facility is not a mental health facility and has no ties to the Department of Mental Health.

The adult-only facility is a state-licensed home that provides personal assistance, supervision, oversight, and suitable activities for people who may need assistance with day to day tasks.

Residents at the facility say they have nowhere else to go

Residents who were standing outside of the facility on Tuesday night said they're just happy to have a place to live.

“I come here for the safety, I come here for the good food, I come here for the warm bed at night," a month long resident, Michelle Lung said. "Because without this place I'd be on the streets.”

Our crew went inside the facility with some of the residents. The residents introduced them to the couple who runs the facility. The couple did not want to talk and told them to leave the property.

Neighbors worry about their safety

People and authorities say police are there about half a dozen times a month.

According to Alexander County officials, police are called to an incident at least seven times a month on average. They say that includes everything from violent to disruptive incidents.

On a regular basis there are 10 to 20 people who reside at H & S Shelter.

Neighbors say it's been there for years. They say it's a kind of transitional home and there have continually been problems there about different kinds of disturbances around the home.

Several residents say they have filed official claims with the public health department.

We talked to one Tamms resident about safety.

"I've had them walk in on me," Beverly Miller said. "I have had automatic locks on the doors. I don't want to see the place shut down, the people need a place to go, but there needs to be security. I want to see enforcement for our safety and for theirs."

Other Third Street neighbors asked that we not show their face, but say they've witnessed shocking and scary things.

"I have seen people having sex outside in the middle of the day."

"They don't take care of it, that's what it is."

"The residents need a place to stay. I just think it should be ran properly."

"They accept a lot of residents that shouldn't be in that type of facility," Beverly Miller continued. "They need to be at Choate Mental Health. Something needs to be done for the safety of the residents."

Man arrested, two injured

Police have arrested a man in connection with a stabbing incident at an assisted living facility in Tamms.

Jule K. Woods, 41, was arrested at the H.S. Shelter Care facility in Tamms Tuesday night on an aggravated battery charge.

Woods was a resident at the facility, according to Illinois State Police.

Alexander County Sheriff Tim Brown said one person was stabbed and another assaulted at the H & S Shelter Care, an assisted living facility.

Authorities say one man and one female were injured. The condition of both victims remains unknown.

Brown said both victims were taken to a Cape Girardeau hospital.

The two victims are residents at the shelter.

Just after 9 p.m. Tuesday, the 15 to 20 residents of the facility were allowed back inside.

A mother of a resident at the facility, Darlene Bratcher, said she raced more than an hour away from Harrisburg to check on her daughter.

"My daughter called me and all she said was 'stabbed,'" Bratcher said. "I've seen her and I hugged her and told her how much I loved her. I'm so thankful she's alive."

Jule Woods was taken to Tri-County Detention Center in Ullin pending his first court appearance.

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