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Parma, MO police officer who resigned speaks out


As the national spotlight shines on Parma, Missouri, we are learning about why some police officers resigned.

We told you a week ago about a small community losing more than half of their officers and several city officials. On Tuesday, April 21, one of those officers is speaking out.

Parma residents told us they weren't worried about their safety after five of the six officers resigned, and that it wasn't necessary to have that many on staff for a city the size of Parma.

One thing both the newly elected mayor and the officer can agree on is that the issue has nothing to do with race or gender.

When we asked if she ever thought Parma, Mo. would reach national news, she said: "That's not my mission and it's still not in this way."

A week into office, Mayor Tyrus Byrd is still unclear about the "safety concerns" some of the former officials cited in the resignation to former Mayor Randall Ramsey.

One officials said off camera that race is the furthest thing from it.

"If I was going to lose my job anyways, I might as well start looking," said the officer.

The former officer claimed the safety concerns were in reference to some of Mayor Byrd's family members using social media to show how they plan to act now that she is in office.

"These posts were made by people that had active warrants through our city, and they were claiming it is now safe to return to Parma now that they have family that's the mayor now," he said.

Mayor Byrd said none of that is true.

"Not giving special treatment to anyone at all...everyone gets treated the same," she said.

Now, she's focusing on moving forward.

"I don't have to be here, but I love being here and I love this town," she said.

The mayor and city council plan to have a meeting on Tuesday night, April 21 to discuss the replacement of the officers and city officials.

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