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IL teacher creates 'random acts of kindness' challenge


A Heartland teacher has a unique way of celebrating her birthday: getting her students to help others.

At Davie Elementary school in Anna, Ill., last year, for Brandy Thurston's 30th birthday, she decided to challenge her students to do random acts of kindness for 30 days.

“Instead of thinking about myself and kind of moping about it,” Thurston said. “I decided to challenge our entire school district to do 30 random acts of kindness in 30 days.”

This year, it's a 31-day challenge.

“This year I decided to do it again and I plan on doing it for as long as I'm a teacher!”

Thurston said it's a way for students to be more aware and how they present themselves to other people.

“I care a lot about what they're learning at school, but I also want them to strive to be better people, better citizens in the community,” Thurston said. “I want them to think about what they're saying and doing to other kids and maybe even at home and how they're talking to their parents.”

It's a challenge, her students couldn't wait to start.

“We were in a really really crowded restaurant and there were people just pouring in,” 10-year-old student, Brylan Suggs said. “So I went behind the door and held it open for about 10-20 minutes straight.”

“I have helped my brother with his homework and helped my dad pick up sticks in the yard,” fourth grade student, Evelyn Eddings said.

They say it's a great feeling.

“I think it's fun because it makes you feel special when you see the smile on the other people's faces,” Brylan said.

“You feel great about it,” Evelyn said. “You get nothing in return, but that doesn't bother me at all.”

Thurston said it's a challenge she hopes it will continue through the years.

“Possibly you know, when I retire, it might be really interesting to see just how many kids over the years participated in this.”

Her students couldn't agree more.

“She's thinks about everyone. She doesn't put herself first…she puts everyone else first.”

“I like it because I get to help people and I like helping people like my mom.”

These acts aren't required for students to do, but Thurston said she's overwhelmed when she hears how many acts these children decide to do to help make a difference.

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