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Lil Wayne comes to Carbondale, IL


Well-known rapper, Lil Wanye, is making his way to Carbondale, Illinois in just a few hours, in a venue that's not his usual arena.

He's an artist that pours in more than tens of thousands of fans in certain venues throughout the nation.

On Monday night, Lil Wayne will be performing at Levels, a Carbondale nightclub that has a capacity of 920 people.

So, why this venue?

Owner, Greg Knoob said two artists from Lil Wayne's record label performed at the nightclub in the past.

It's also the owner's 30th year as a DJ and wanted to do something big.

While the capacity is an unusual one for this well-known artist, Knoob said he and his team are doing what they can to make it work.

"We're taking a lot of seating out of the club, we still have a capacity that we have to go by, which we usually are at the number every weekend," Knoob said. "So it's not an unusual number of people for us, but we have added security."

Carbondale is one of the last stops Lil Wayne will make on his "Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Mixtape" tour.

Knoob said the artist usually asks for around $100,000 to perform.

Knoob said while they are paying him a little less than his usual price, even if they were to sell out tonight, they would still be losing money from the show, but said it's worth it to hopefully bring more artists to the area.

"We're not too worried about losing a little bit of money and to give back and bring something big to Carbondale," Knoob said.

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