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Sick or tired? How your tiredness could be an illness


We all feel sleepy sometimes, but how much is too much? It may be a simple case of the Mondays or it could be a serious medical issue that's making you tired.

Sleep apnea, thyroid problems, heart issues…those are only some of the things that can make you constantly tired.

“So tired sometimes you feel just too weak to walk,” Joyce Teson said.

For Joyce Teson that was an almost daily feeling. Until 10 years ago, when she was diagnosed with sleep apnea. However, that's not the only underlying issue that was making Teson so tired.

"I also had hyperthyroidism, both of which will make you very tired,” Teson said.

Medication treats that problem and Teson said the treatments make all the difference.

"I would be lucky to get two or three hours of sleep. I would get up at 2 a.m., sit up and watch TV and hope I get to doze off. Now, I get six to eight hours uninterrupted sleep,” Teson said.

It's a success story registered sleep technician at Sleep Analysts in Cape Girardeau Lloyd Diamond said he sees all the time.

"They wish they'd done this ten years ago because of all the miserable nights they've had,” Diamond said.

In order to get there, you have to find the problem and, Diamond said, that could mean wading through a lot of possibilities.

“With a lot of people we see, it is obstructed sleep apnea but there are other conditions. Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, restless legs, [or] other things that can be caused not get a good quality night's sleep,” Diamond said.

Experts say, pay attention to the kind of tired you are. If you're weak, it may have to do with thyroids, if you're foggy during the day, your doctor may check to rule out sleep apnea, if you feel tired and breathless, it could be a heart issue.

Regardless, Teson said it never hurts to get checked out.

"You just need to talk to your doctor,” Teson said.

Diamond agrees. If you're constantly feeling tired, ask your doctor about a sleep test. That can help find or rule out the most common problem, sleep apnea, and then you can go from there.

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