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Missouri artist makes recyclable art


There is more than one way to recycle old cans.

A Heartland artist uses what others may see as trash, but she sees as potential.

Spring blossoms take a different form in the hands of Marilyn Schwaniger.

You might not notice it right away, but take a closer look.

"We have some mellow yellow and we have some grape," said Schwaniger.

Schwaniger can create New York City Skylines, bubbly aquariums, even colorful pastures entirely out of soda cans.

"I look at the cans and I see certain things,” she said.

And other beverages too.

"These are all of the beer cans,” she said.

The hobby started eight years ago, ever since, the cans began to pile up.

"I'll get a bag of dirty cans. Beer cans, soda cans,” said Schwaniger.

She said her detailed creations can sometimes take weeks, involving tedious gluing and cutting.

"I made some very elaborate crystal vases out of the bar codes."

Schwaniger has sold her pieces for as much as $500.

The money she gets from the piles of scraps, she donates.

Schwaniger doesn't drink soda herself.

"I only use the cans people provide me with," she said.

Schwaniger said where most people would just throw the cans away, there is a lot more to create.

Some of Schwaniger pieces are on display at Chateau Girardeau.

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