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Carbondale businesses react to new liquor law


It's now easier for winemakers, beer brewers and spirit distillers to open up shop in Carbondale since the City Council amended the a zoning ordinance.

Long before a locally distilled spirit is poured into a glass, it's poured into a barrel at one of the many producers scattered across southern Illinois.

Carbondale distillery Grand River Spirits is one of those producers, and their workers say they think the town has made a good move for the business community as a whole.

The ordinance allows producers the option of purchasing real estate in town that was formerly off-limits, and potentially allows businesses like Grand River to move in town, in-stead of operating from the outskirts.

"The option now is open, and those conversations can happen," said Grand River Spirits worker Jason Sigler. "In the past, that door was closed."

Grand River's distillery is just west of town off of a Chataqua Rd.

"Carbondale is now more business friendly, and contentious of the decisions that it needs to be making as a whole to allow different businesses to come in and create, and actually grow the community," Sigler said.

The owners of Town Square Market in Carbondale agree, saying any chance for the town to have some new faces in the local business community, is a welcome one.

"To me, when we're doing business locally, we're keeping all of our money local," said Town Square Market co-owner Jennifer Pellow. "That's in-stead of paying for goods and services where all the money is sent off-site to a person thousands of miles away."

Before the change, alcohol producers could operate on a portion of the strip, but now have access to areas stretching further from the downtown region on U.S. 51.

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