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'Smelly' investigation underway in Kennett, MO

(Source: Nichole Cartmell/KFVS) (Source: Nichole Cartmell/KFVS)
(Source: Nichole Cartmell/KFVS) (Source: Nichole Cartmell/KFVS)
KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - City officials in Kennett, Missouri are trying to figure out why someone would dump a truckload of trash behind some condemned buildings within city limits.

In Missouri, open dumping is against state law.

According to The Missouri Department of Natural Resources a citation has been issued to L and J Sanitation, which picks up trash from people's homes in Kennett.

The company is accused of dumping a large truck-full of trash off of Highway 84 and burning trash they've picked up on their route.

The department calls these serious violations.

DNR reports Kennett officials have been investigating the sanitation company since November 2014.

Mayor Jake Crafton said this is nothing he ever expected to see, especially just down the street from where he lives.

"It's unsightly, it's unhealthy, and it's not a way to run a business," Crafton said. "If you are supposed to be picking up trash, you don't create your own landfill wherever you want to."

Crafton said it is concerning that the trash is just sitting there.

"It's personal receipts or bills or information, there's a lot of personal information that people throw away thinking it's going to go to the appropriate place and not wind up on the side of the road for anyone to take," Crafton said. "With identity thefts like they are, it's scary."

According to Mallott, it is also an environmental concern.

"Where it sits, you're on the edge of a field here so we know there's probably going to be anything from rats to possums to skunks, snakes, you name it, it's going to be burrowing and wallowing in this garbage... not to mention that with the mosquitos it gives them a place to breed," Mallott said.

Mallott reports the property owners did not authorize the trash to be dumped there.

However, Mallott said it could be left up to them to clean it up.

City officials hope to make that decision as soon as possible.

Crafton believes someone needs to be held accountable.

Mallott reports at request of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the men will have to face a judge at the Dunklin County Courthouse.

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