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Tornado resistant homes a possibility, new research reports

(KFVS) - An organization that advocates for building stronger and safer homes is pushing to see storm safe rooms in all homes in high-wind zones.

After tornado disasters seen in Tuscaloosa, Joplin, and Moore -- the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes or FLASH wants to see better construction in homes to protect people against severe weather.

According to a statement by FLASH, it would cost $1 per square foot per home to incorporate tornado safe rooms in homes.

In a May 2013 paper, FLASH published a paper explaining affordable ways to to build tornado resistant structures.

"The research-informed effort comes in response to field investigations that documented a pattern of disproportionate structure collapse in tornado outbreaks," according to a FLASH statement.

FLASH wrote that even simple design changes can make a difference in protecting people against tornadoes.

"Homes built to these newer, research-informed guidelines will have the advantage of better wall bracing, improved roof tie-downs and overall stronger connections," according to a FLASH statement.

"Wind-resistant building practices can save lives and dramatically improve building performance in nearly every tornado event," according to a FLASH statement.

According to FLASH, nearly 90% of U.S. homes counties experience tornado watches.

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